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By exploring the three themes Clinic & Gene & Networks, CGN capitalize on a data-driven and therefore completely unbiased discovery platform based on the latest high-through-put genomic technologies to reveal the first generation of network-based and direct therapies against coronary and carotid artery disease (CAD) and to develop CAD-diagnostics for disease detection long before the well-known, but feared, clinical manifestations of CAD;myocardial infarction (MI) and stroke.

The company's science and technology are based on the experimentally supported idea that clinical gene networks are the most comprehensive and therefore the best representations of the entire molecular wiring diagram of interacting genes and gene products causing diseases. For instance, these networks reveal how established pathways, thought to cause disease in isolation, in fact are highly interactive. The multi-dimensional nature of these networks also leads to the disclosures of new disease pathways previously unidentified. However, the most important aspect of these networks, at least from CGNs perspective, is how the wiring diagram reveals common and high-hierarchy master network regulators, which are proven excellent drug targets. In addition, the activity patterns of these, so called, "hubs" are also, at least in most instances, good biomarkers for early preclinical disease detection.

To reveal clinical gene networks and their master regulators, the scientific and technological platform of has to be built on well-characterized patient cohorts and unique model systems of CAD from which high- dimensional data generate and analyzed using tailored-made network inference algorithms. By iterating the discovery steps in this platform many hundred to thousand networks representing many different layers of information underlying CAD is revealed, ranging from intracellular interaction and gene regulation networks including cell communication networks to tissue- and cross-tissue networks.